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I have to tell you how much I have enjoyed Champion of the Quarterdeck…the life and times, the dedication and commitment, the good and kind heart, the fierce enthusiasm for close combat, the understatement and the pure survival power of Sir Erasmus Gower was a surprise pleasure of high degree.
The scholarly devotion and all inclusive detail illuminated the story into a very personal experience.
Your attention to detail seemed uncannily appropriate to the long overdue recognition you gave to Gower for his valiant and unassuming, tenacious devotion to the Admiralty and to keeping the old, weather and war beaten boats afloat and secure through the tribulations of neglect, battle and the fury of the sea.
I especially loved the maritime language and the poetic affection of Gower’s personal correspondences with those he cherished and admired.
I have no doubt this book will remain a treasure of great value to historians and academics for as long as human courage and dignity survive and I also have little doubt there will be many, like myself, who find great pleasure in following your chart and reading your log of one who mastered himself in service to a greater cause.
It is in the highest esteem that I thank you and commend you for this task so excellently completed in a superbly bound and printed volume I will hold dear always.

Steve Weis (Facebook).

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  1. Thanks Steve,
    While the book will not appeal to all readers it is gratifying to know that you grew to like it as you got into it. Thanks for letting me know in such an articulate manner.
    Best regards

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