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Ian M Bates Ian M Bates

grew up in western Victoria, Australia, and at the completion of secondary schooling joined the public service in Papua New Guinea (PNG) as a cadet patrol officer (Kiap) with the Department of External Territories. He served in three districts over eight years, reaching the rank of assistant district officer, while partially completing a diploma in civil engineering and obtaining a diploma in real estate management and valuation by correspondence.

Since leaving PNG he has lived on Queensland's Sunshine Coast and has owned and run his own private inquiry agency, nursery, small farm, wholesale business and on-line antiquarian bookshop. After eleven years as an IT manager and company director he retrained as a book restorer with his wife, Lorraine, and has continued part time in that business while writing.

In 1997 he published Tardrew: A History of the Tardrew Family Around the World (ISBN: 0958702101) which was critically acclaimed at university level as an exemplary genealogical study. See a synopsis here. Uncirculated copies are still available from the publisher's website.

In 2013 Ian was awarded the Police Overseas Service medal for service in PNG, followed soon after by the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary Centenary Medal.

Ian recently completed a comprehensive biography of eighteenth century British admiral, Sir Erasmus Gower, which he has been researching for more than 30 years. This 384 page hardback biography entitled Champion of the Quarterdeck: Admiral Sir Erasmus Gower (1742-1814) was launched in the UK in September and Australia in October 2017. Copies will be available elsewhere when suitable distribution agencies can be established. See a synopsis here.

He has been a member of the Hakluyt Society for over thirty years and also holds current membership of the Navy Records Society, the Society for Nautical Research, Queensland Writer's Centre and Royal Historical Society of Queensland.

Ian is a member of the International Police Association, associate member of the Volunteer Coastguard and a certified Marine Radio Operator. He is a cricket and Australian Rules football tragic and his hobbies include kayak fishing, travel, writing and model sailing ship building. In 2018 Ian enjoyed and successfully completed a certificate course in Marine Archaeology (Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds) through University of Southampton.

Ian and Lorraine have been happily married since 1966. They have two adult children and five grand children. They recently retired and are now winding down their business interests to concentrate on book sales, travel and hobbies.

Ian and Lorraine


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